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Sunny stay home shoot

Making the most of the sunshine for me meant making a cuppa, moving my desk to the window and getting out my camera. Having just moved to London (in a bit of a hurry I might add) I don't have a lot of stuff with me that I would usually use to shoot, so I used what was around me; some might say the essentials.

My current portfolio of work consists of images that were shot in the studio using flash; this midday sunny shoot was a nice step back from that simply using the natural light coming into my room.

This collection of images is very different to my previous work as it is more lifestyle and, dare I say, 'instagramable'! Using the book I am currently struggling through...I mean nicest pair of sunglasses and a half drunk mug of roobois, I played around with angles and depth of field.

The final collection is all its glorious sunshiny-ness...

So, although we have to stay home whilst the weather is SO nice outside, don't let it stop you from appreciating the sunshine from inside. I have been reading sat on the comfort of my own bed with the sun streaming in (even got heat rash from being inside in the sun) so really there's no excuse not to shoot more in the sunshine.

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