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A Tourist in my Own City - Part Four

BONKERS is my favourite word right now and it seems to best describe what is going on but also it is just my natural reaction to what I see on my adventures. My surroundings just amaze me and I truly do feel like a tourist but one who can walk back to their flat at the end. Just, bonkers!

I'll explain. I can see Canary Wharf from my room and I've never been there before so an hours walk seemed like nothing to go there. It was deserted but that wasn't the only bonkers thing about the place - and yes there will be a big use of that word throughout this; open to suggestions for better words to describe my experience. Anyway...I don't know what I expected when I went there, think I imagined some thriving City centre, buzzing with business men and women, shadowed by these towering skyscrapers. In reality it was desolate, remote and seemingly misplaced, off-centre bubble of a business hub. The sparse scattering of people was to be expected but as I wandered around I couldn't imagine it being busy; although there some pretty funky looking pubs and restaurants that I would definitely want to try. This is my first experience of the place so I don't want to dismiss it because the architecture was just something to be admired against the blue sky. I will certainly venture back there when things resume and get the full busy experience. But for now these are some of the photos I took while I was there. I don't pretend to be any sort of architecture photographer and, choosing to take my nifty fifty with me, did limit me slightly but it was a beautiful sunny day (if a bit windy in amongst the buildings). Get ready for a lot of photos of the same buildings but from different viewpoints...sorry not sorry for the repetition.

This is part four of my project A Tourist in my own City and I think this is my favourite series of photos so far; the colour filter worked so well with the buildings and the flowers on the way there. It really is me just shooting what I see first hand - can you agree with me that this place is bonkers?! I love the contrast I got on the way there between old fashioned buildings with roses growing in their gardens to the modern towers on the horizon; as I've said, it all felt a bit out of place and random.

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