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Part Five - A Tourist in my Own City

A little further afield this time as I cycled across to Hampstead Heath from Bow. Being able to explore on my bike gave me even more freedom at a time where I still didn't want to go on public transport, plus you see so much more by bike than underground!

I spent most of my time sitting and reading my book - a way of recovering from quite an uphill cycle - but I did take a few photos of the spot where I ate my lunch and the view I had while reading. My gaze kept wandering from the pages of my book to the view in front of me and I hope you can see why from my photos!

Throughout this project I have been experimenting with developing my own presets in Lightroom to in part keep consistency between the different parts, but also to alter the colours and exposures. In Part 1 I used a very desaturated, overexposed edit then developed a more appropriate and more saturated preset as the blue skies appeared and the sun came out. This day was a mixture of the both so I wanted to see the difference between the two presets I created - some are side by side while others you can see the change. I find the mood of the image completely changes too; the desaturated preset is moody and flat while the blue skies preset lightens the image and brings the colours to life giving a happier mood. Think it is especially noticeable in the images of the view of London - one looks overcast while the other looks hopeful almost!


I took these photos in June so thought they should finally see the light of day! Thinking ahead for this project, I'm wondering whether it might conclude or leave it open to more possibilities! I still live in London, I'm still a photographer. I'm still craving creativity. I want to continue exploring, learning and developing. I'm loving where I live so want to show that.

There is already a Part six to this project which I will post soon which explores somewhere closer to home - where will I explore next?

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