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A tourist in my own City - Part Three

Having lived in the countryside for most of my life so far, I am missing the 'Great Outdoors'; I get a strange urge to run up a hill and get the most spectacular view of endless green fields or run onto a beach and immerse myself in the cold salty sea water. Alas, being in East London doesn't lend itself to this ideal, it instead offers something different and new.

I discovered somewhere new yesterday. Now I know I'm no Christopher Columbus, obviously it existed before I went there but you know what I mean...this new but old somewhere made me so happy I could have cried (shhh it's just hayfever). The location of my flat couldn't be more perfect: I am right next to Victoria Park and the canals which are endless. On this particular adventure, they lead me to Hackney Marshes and Wick Woodland and it gave me the breath of fresh air that I so needed and, bathed in sunlight, it lent itself to another series of photos to add to this project.

Some might say that the weather has been painfully ironic for this time of year; the one time we have to stay indoors the sun comes out! But I think we can all agree the sunshine is such a mood booster and we would all be pretty glum inside if the weather was a pretty pathetic fallacy so I am at least thankful for the sunshine of my daily walks (this adventure took place before we were allowed out more than once). The canal path was fairly busy that day so I had to be careful to dodge the swarms of cyclists and people, like me, going for wanders. Not included in these photos is Hackney Marshes which is just one expansive green field. Again, heaving with people taking advantage of a big, open green-space: I have been there since and it now seems to have become an outdoor gym...can't say I was tempted to join them!

Wick Woodland was like walking into another world, yes I could still hear the motorway buzzing overhead, but nevertheless I was transported (please just allow that word, pretentious as it is). I didn't stray too far from the main path simply because I didn't like the idea of getting lost in the that anyone else's nightmare or is it just me...?? Anyway, this short walk through the woods and onto the marshes gave me a break from the constant dodging of the canal highway and it satisfied some of the craving for nature!

Needless to say, I am actually loving living in the city and I am planning adventures further afield when I get my bike to London. I think this time in lockdown and being furloughed has been a unique time to explore not just the familiar galleries and museums...and pubs and restaurants in central, but also really get to know where I am living and, just by simply walking everywhere, I've seen places that I would have seemingly missed from the tube or bus route. So buckle up, there's more to come!

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