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Creativity in isolation

"Use this time to be productive!" I'm sure we've all seen this bounced around over the last month or so. Yes this time of working from home or time in isolation is one that we could use to be productive and become creative geniuses but, I cannot be alone in admitting that I've taken some proper time to relax and treat this time of being furloughed as a holiday.

Saying this, after some time of relaxation and much needed time to adjust to the current situation, I reached for my camera and started to create. Since uni ended I haven't done much if any personal work just for me and I wanted to change that. The catalyst of one of these mini shoots I have done since the lockdown begun, was my friends band, The 295, asking for several of their friends to shoot a video of themselves listening to their song. It was a beautiful evening so I used the view from my window to silhouette myself so the blue sky shone through as the background. I shot the video then continued to experiment, the result lead to some funky edits. This didn't feel productive but a chance to be creative and have fun; to shoot something different and not overthink the end result.

For me the one thing that stops me from even starting a project, is the fear of it not looking how I imagined or even having an idea in the first place. This shoot happened without any thought and it just flowed into something expressive and fun. Sorry don't mean to sound arty or anything but I think it's important not to overthink art, because everything we do is a creative expression of ourselves - feel like I read that somewhere...

Anyway, this was just something new and creative for me to try and it sparked more creativity for me!

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