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Part Two - A Tourist in my Own City

Updated: May 19, 2020

Me at 2:30 - I won't go for a long walk

Also me at 5:30 - 8 miles later...

Heading out of my building with camera round me and a bag on my back, I just walked...and walked...and walked. The dangerous thing about walking along the canal in one direction is then remembering you have to go back. Needless to say I was pretty exhausted after walking 8 miles on a hot day but so, SO worth it!

One of the aims of my walks is to just go and figure out where I am and then obviously how to get back; to not get lost in google maps but to use my nose and sense of direction which I'm learning I do actually have when it counts! The canal path is an easy one to follow but coming up from it I took the most convoluted route back and did get a bit lost but that is the whole point. Being the tourist that I am, I did whip out the old google maps a couple of times and did look at the helpfully placed maps, ya know the ones that say 'You are here'. I saw a lot on this adventure so here are a few of my favourites!

From the highway path in Victoria Park, along the crowded canal towpath, up to the cobbled streets around Columbia Road and finally ending up with some pretty cool views from Mile End Park, this collection of photos are filled with sun, people and things that caught my eye. It is strange seeing the streets and places so empty but also brilliant cos who likes people in photos anyways!

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